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I’ll never forget…

I was 16 years old and laying on my parent’s living room floor reading the Real Estate section of the paper – something I’ve done for as long as I remember – when I saw a 3-family in Lawrence, Mass for $18,000. That immediately seemed like a great deal to me, considering it costs about $7,000 to buy the average car. I jumped up, all excited, and said to my dad, who was sitting on the couch: Dad, we gotta buy this place!

As you can imagine, he wasn’t too keen on taking investment advice from someone who was just learning to drive and that idea was quickly shut down. Now you couldn’t touch that place for less than $350,000.

I don’t blame my dad for not diving outside of his comfort zone to help me buy a huge building in a then-sketchy city but I am committed to making sure that people, especially women, have the tools and the knowledge to confidently invest in real estate.

I’ve made lots of mistakes over the years and learned from everyone – doing flips, using the BRRRR strategy, house hacking, landlording, and AirBNB. My book, Empower Your Inner Millionaire, A Woman’s Guide to Financial Independence through Real Estate Investing, was written to further this goal and I started my monthly seminar series, podcast, and blog for the same reason. There’s no feeling quite like knowing that you’ve helped set someone on the path to financial independence.

When I think about my circle of friends, I realize that many of them started as clients. I’m fortunate that my business is 98% referral, meaning that I’m not out there selling myself and chasing the next deal. Check out some of the testimonials on my website to hear what it’s like to work with me.

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Graduate of Northeastern University

Volunteer for the AMC and Boston IFF

Fan of the arts, donating both money and time to Boston-area theaters and indie movie houses.

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