Christine McCarron

E89 Andi Freedman

Are peanut M&Ms good food or bad food? Andi teaches us that all food is good, Yay! She teaches us to love our bodies and our food and shares tips for a lifetime of happy, healthy eating and making friends with our bodies and our food.

E88 Beth Blaney

Are you a small business owner? What’s your P&L? What is a P&L? How can you keep a handle on your finances? Beth Blaney to the rescue! Beth is an entrepreneur and owner of Beth Blaney & Associates, bookkeeper extraordinaire!

E87 Joelle Ferraiuolo

Joelle Ferraiuolo is a Protector of Wealth and Personal Insurance Concierge! If you have or need property insurance, you will benefit from Joelle’s tips and insider info on getting the right policy with the appropriate coverage at the right price. Don’t be turned off by the topic, Joelle is anything but ho-hum and her information could save your butt!

E86 Rachele Manning

Are you and your kids bouncing off the walls? Better call Rachele! Rachele, the owner of Obstacle Fitness, brings a fun, energetic and healthy event to your door in the form of an obstacle course specifically designed for the age and fitness level of the participants.

E83 Janice Bissex

What’s all this hype about CBD and its incredible properties. Is it fact or marketing fiction? Janice Bissex is a trailblazer in the burgeoning field of holistic cannabis consulting. She shares the facts, the extensive research and many real-life examples of the myriad ailments and symptoms that can be eased or reversed with CBD. Join Janice and the Get Your FILL Podcast – you’ll be amazed!

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