7 Compelling Reasons to Declutter Your Home Before Selling

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In 2022, the real estate market is more competitive than ever before. It is getting harder and harder to grab people’s attention with your property. Home sellers are desperately trying to keep up with new home design trends to get the best price possible.

It is important to keep up with the times, but one of the best things you can do for your home has nothing to do with new design and décor trends. One of the most beneficial things you can do is declutter your home before selling. It will make your some sell faster and the best part is that it won’t empty your pockets, unlike chasing the latest designer whims. Why is decluttering so important? Read on for seven of our top reasons.

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It makes your home look bigger

Decluttering your home makes it look bigger. Actually, the fewer things there are, the more space there is. Some people think that a house with more things will be more attractive to buyers. But that’s not exactly true. While you don’t want to showcase an empty house, a house overflowing with things is not the solution either. No matter how big your kitchen is, if the counters are full of blenders, toasters, bread makers and other gadgets, the kitchen will seem too small. Make a list of things you will keep and things you will get rid of. You should keep out items that make the room aesthetically pleasing. Pack, donate or dispose of the rest.

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It makes it easier to move

When putting your house on the market, you know there will come a moment when you will need to pack up your things and move to your new home. Moving from Massachusetts to another state and looking for interstate movers is stressful enough without the added pressure of packing everything at the last minute. So before you make that transfer with reliable pros, you should declutter your home and make the packing process easier. You don’t need to bring all those things with you, especially if you are planning to downsize. Start getting rid of clutter at least two weeks before putting your house on the market. It will do wonders for your nerves when that day finally comes, and you have one less thing to worry about.

Decluttering helps separate you from the property

When you bring potential buyers in for an open house, you want to make sure you leave a good first impression. You want them to be excited when they leave because they can imagine themselves living in that house. That can be difficult for them to do if the house is filled with your personal things. Your family pictures, drawings, records, albums, etc., make it seem like this is still your home. Potential buyers will have a hard time imagining their future there if they feel like it is someone else’s house. Also, you need to separate yourself from this property in your mind. As soon as you listed that house on the market, it stopped being your home. Putting away personal belongings is the right first step to take.

Declutter your home before selling so it’s easier to stage

A big part of house selling is staging. Many people will tell you that staging a house can make or break your chances of successfully selling it. And any house staging expert will agree that in order to be able to stage the house to look its best, you must get rid of excess stuff. The more you declutter your property, the easier it will be for professional stagers to do their job. It will give them more space to be creative and make your home look as good as possible on the open house day.

Caption: A decluttered home is much easier to clean

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Easier to clean

Making sure your home looks presentable for an open house day requires a lot of cleaning. You can’t just clean it once before it goes on the market and then just leave it. You will have to maintain it until you finally sell it. And that can take a long time in some cases. When there are fewer things in the house, there is less to clean. Decluttering will significantly reduce your cleaning time and, with that, make this whole process a little less stressful and tiring.

Reveals potential issues

Have you ever moved a couch and found out that there is a hole in one of your walls? Or a big scratch on your furniture? Those are definitely things you want to avoid happening on an open house day. Can you imagine a potential buyer moving a potted plant and finding a broken electrical socket? That will not leave a good impression and will lower your chances of selling. The issue is that some of these problems are very hard to spot when you have a lot of things. But through the process of decluttering, you are very likely to see if there are any issues you need to worry about.  This is an incredibly important reason to declutter your home before selling. Mistakes like this should not be happening at an open house. So, while decluttering, pay close attention so you can find and immediately fix any potential problem.

It will look better

Your home will simply look better when not overflowing with clutter. You will be able to better showcase all the good things about your home, and the buyers won’t be distracted by unnecessary stuff. Also, your home will look cleaner and more well-maintained. This minimalistic approach gives your home a fresher look and makes it look newer and more modern.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are many compelling reasons to declutter your home before selling. And you don’t need to do all those expensive home improvement projects. If you want to be successful in this endeavor, this step is a must. Decluttering will make both the home selling process and the move smoother and easier.

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