Let’s Talk, Have You…

Have you always thought of buying investment property? This 10-part blog parallels the book, Empower Your Inner Millionaire, coming out in Autumn, 2018. If you share my goal of financial freedom through real estate investing, let’s talk!

Intro: Why Real Estate is Great!

  • Ability to Leverage – You can buy your investment with just 20% down – try that with stocks.
  • Tax Deductions – Expenses are tax deductible
  • Depreciation – Real property depreciates on schedule with the IRS, reducing your taxes
  • Diversity – Residential, commercial, industrial, land, REITs, TurnKey Properties, etc. An option for every market and every appetite.
  • Tangability – Real estate is real, you can fix it, modify it, improve it, rebuild it.
  • Stability / Predictability – Real estate market is slow-moving compared to many other investments.
  • Forced Retirement Account – The mortgage must be paid (luckily your tenants are giving you the money)!

These are just a few of the reasons why I and many other investors prefer real estate to other types of investments. Next time we’ll set goals to help you decide what type of real estate investing is best for you.