Do You Need A Pre-Move Checklist?

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What Is a Pre-Move Checklist?

A pre-move checklist is a list of steps to be taken in order to successfully complete a career relocation. Planning for a move to the Boston area? It’s important to understand everything you need to do before you leave your home and start a new life.

But how can you tell what should be done? Thanks to this pre-move checklist, courtesy of Mary Shannon of, you’ll have the essentials outlined in your itinerary so you can look forward to a stress-free move.


The Pre-Move Checklist

The prospect of moving is one of the most nerve-wracking parts of a job switch. It can be overwhelming to know where and how to start planning, especially when this is your first relocation. It can make things even more complicated if you have pets and a family to think about.

Two Men and A Truck notes that this is where your pre-move checklist comes in. It will help to organize and prioritize your tasks before you embark on your next adventure in Boston – or wherever life takes you.

Outcomes of Completing the Checklist (What Will Happen)

●        Select the right agent for you. Christine McCarron is intimately familiar with the neighborhoods, schools and local scene in Boston and can be a great help. She can also help with referrals to agents if you’re moving to other parts of the country or the world.

●        Before you purchase a home, have a home inspection.

●        Make arrangements for utilities and internet to be connected at your new residence.

●        Line up reputable and well-reviewed local movers.

●        Organize packing supplies such as boxes, tape and scissors.


Key Ingredients/Costs

●        It’s best to do your research and contact real estate agents to help you find the right place. Many know of rental units that are not listed online and can help you to select a neighborhood, whether you prefer to buy or rent.

●        Be clear on your priorities: Would you rather be close to the office or have a large yard? Do you plan to take public transport, walk or cycle to your office? If so, let your agent know. This will help to narrow your search and make the process easier for you.


Key Task: Pack Up Your Household Items

Sort through all your belongings. You may choose to give up some items because they aren’t useful, there isn’t enough space, or they may not be a fit for your new home.

Take extra care when packing if you have pets or children. Label boxes properly so everyone knows where everything is. This will make it much easier for everyone to unpack.

You can avoid problems such as missing deadlines and forgetting about important things by planning your move. Start a calendar with important milestone dates so everything is ready and organized for your arrival.


Take Care of Pet/Child Care

Before you move, research/prepare items and tasks, such as:

●        Verify/research schools for your child

●        Learn more about daycare for your pet

●        Get rid of any loans or debts, and make sure that you keep up with your monthly payments

●        All documents required (copy of lease agreement, copy of employment offer letter, and proof of funds) should be collected.

●        Make a list of all the things in your home that you will be bringing with you when you move.


Speak with a Real Estate Agent

There’s often a trade-off between location and the size and amenities of a home. If your new job is in a city, you may see larger homes for the same price outside city limits. Private outdoor space is also at a premium in most cities. Consider whether proximity to arts and culture is more important than a vegetable garden or fenced yard for your dog, for example.

In a desirable location in Boston, the average home price can reach $3 million according to Prevu, while it might be under $500,000 in other neighborhoods.

If you’re handy or if budget is a concern, consider looking for homes that need some work. Before you buy, it’s best to hire an attorney who will acquire the land records and look for any potential red flags in the property and negotiate sales documents. Massachusetts has some of the more complex purchase documents and if you’re getting a loan, an attorney is required.

Although moving can be stressful, try to think of it as an adventure. Help your kids to get excited about the move by encouraging them to find the places where they will play and to design their new rooms. Finally, try to delegate as much as possible. You may be tempted to do everything yourself but even having help with small jobs can make the process more manageable.

Most importantly, try to have fun along the way. You’re making memories!

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