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Most homes have a common theme throughout. There’s the nicely put together house that looks like an interior designer came in and gave the place a makeover. Then there’s the neutral house that’s nature based, filled with plants and art. Even still, there’s the farmhouse showcasing warm, approachable styles that everyone loves.

Truly, there’s a design out there for every type of homeowner; the sky’s the limit.

Here, we’re going to zone in on one particular theme. If a sports aesthetic intrigues you, this is the next DIY project you should get behind.


Memorabilia Collection

A memorabilia collection absolutely shows your love for a sports team. It doesn’t matter what it is! Cards, autographed balls, posters, jerseys, or anything that shows off the team logo.

It’s easy enough to set up a collection case in the corner of any room, just like it’s easy enough to hang jerseys or posters on a chosen wall. You can also use bookcases for autographed balls and stick-on wall hooks for jerseys. Building shelves is always an easy DIY project. Think outside the box for other fun, do-it-yourself options!


Home Theater

Cinematic experiences are definitely fun, and 100% necessary for a big sports fan. There’s nothing better than watching a live game on the big screen.

The key here is to make sure you get a big enough screen and you place the seats so that everyone watching can see the game from whatever angle they’re sitting. If you have room to set up a white sheet and a projector, that would work best.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the sound; strategically placing a soundbar and speakers will make the experience fantastic. Soundproofing the room would take it to the next level.


Golf Simulator Room

If you’re a golf fanatic, you must’ve come in contact with the one dreaded part about the sport: It’s physically impossible to play year-round, location and weather depending. Things like heavy rain, snow, and wind storms make it so that you have to play by the weather’s hand, and that’s not an easy defeat to take.

With a golf simulator, you don’t have to worry about weather. You don’t have to worry about it getting dark outside early. You don’t have to worry about sweating or freezing while walking those 18 holes.

Choose a big enough room in the house so that you can fully swing. Include family and friends whenever you want so that you can all start dialing in on your distances, becoming better players. Such an easy solution for such a pain-in-the-neck problem. 



Most home décor themes have quotes delicately placed on walls throughout the house, why not use famous sayings or advice from a sports player or coach? That way when your guests ask about them, you can show how passionate you are about your favorite team.

Try getting quotes that display who said them. A small sports emblem near the quote would also put emphasis on the passion behind the sports team or person.


Sports Bar

We all know one of the best spots to catch the game is at a sports bar; the televisions are huge, the bar stools are quite comfy, and the food and drinks keep coming while you listen to the latest and greatest plays.

But what if we told you that you could start up a DIY project with a contractor or two and get your own sports bar, in-house? All it takes is a big TV, great surround sound, and some comfy seats. Be sure to keep your favorite liquors behind the bar and stock up on some quick foods, like wings, burgers, and fries. Bringing the experience home is not only convenient, but you also don’t have to share the screen and your personal space with dozens of other fans.

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