How to Move Smoothly to a Big City for the First Time

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If you’re moving to a big city for the first time, you have a lot to be genuinely thrilled about. That’s especially the case if you’re relocating from a small town. Better professional and personal opportunities, countless entertainment options, cultural diversity, and many other factors can make for an exciting new chapter!

With that said, the thought of arranging the relocation and settling into a big city can be quite intimidating. Thankfully, Laurie Abner of has provided some practical tips to help you prepare!


Research and Prepare   

The first step of preparation is to do research – lots of research. Look at the available homes in the area you’re interested in to see your options. Start looking for a job that accommodates your needs, skills, and interests. And learn about any local regulations and laws you will need to abide by after you move.

Also, find out what the cost of living is like in your new city so that you can prepare your budget. Chances are, it’s a bit more expensive than your small town.


Look for Work

Securing a job before your move will give you less to think and worry about when you’re trying to settle into the big city. If you don’t already have work, start researching every day to see what jobs are available.

The last thing you want to do is relocate to an area with a higher cost of living and no way to bring an income. Reach out to any personal or professional contacts you have in the city, scour online job boards, and visit career fairs to get the lay of the land.


Find a Home    

You also need to find a home that meets your needs, which can be challenging if you have a family. The best approach is to hire a reputable realtor with experience in the new city and surrounding areas. For example, Christine McCarron has been helping clients buy and sell homes in the Boston area for many years!

Moreover, consider getting a home warranty once you purchase a property. These warranties can cover appliances and systems that break down, and if the home inspection shows any red flags, you can consider those in your plan as well. Yes, a home warranty is easily worth every penny!


Plan Your Move     

Organizing the relocation is the most intimidating part for many people. But if you start planning early, you can keep the stress down and set yourself up for a smooth transition. Start by connecting with a trusted moving company that can safely get your belongings to the new home.

If you are moving long-distance, try to keep the packing as simple as possible. Pair down your belongings and only take whatyou need. And start packing your items at least a couple of weeks before your move date to allow yourself plenty of time for hiccups.


Get to Know the Area

Once you arrive at the big city, get out there and explore the land. Drive through the neighborhood to see what types of local businesses you might frequent. Take a walk to meet your neighbors and put together a housewarming party. Fight the temptation to become a recluse during the first few weeks of life in the new city.

Who says moving to a big city has to be scary? As long as you have a good reason to relocate and you take the time to prepare, there’s no reason you can’t have a smooth experience. Consider the tips above and find other methods of setting yourself up for a stress-free move and happy

life in your new city!

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