How To Upgrade Your Home Office Without Breaking the Bank

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 With the rise of remote working, having a functional home workspace has become a necessity. Whether you’re creating one from scratch or looking to improve the current one, this article by Suzie Wilson of will provide you with a few simple, budget-friendly options to explore.

 Declutter the Space

 Whether it be paperwork, stationery, or electronics, you’re bound to have excess objects which the space can do without. Follow these steps to rid your workspace of clutter:

 ●      Going through the clutter, if you find important documents, scan and upload them to a cloud storage software. There are various free mobile applications you can use for this task. While it will be time-consuming, it is a one-time activity that will result in you having access to all important documents anytime, anywhere. Remember to shred physical copies and dispose of them in the trash.

 ●      For documents such as contracts, and tax filings that you prefer not to shred, consider buying vertical cabinets that provide ample storage while taking up minimal space.

●      As a remote worker, there are rarely any projects that require the use of stationary. Hence, consider storing it in the cabinet to keep your desk open and clean.

Create an Accent Wall

The simplest way to give your workspace a fresh look is to create an accent wall. This involves decorating a particular wall to improve the room’s aesthetic and flair. If your work desk faces a wall, consider converting that into an accent wall. Conversely, if you work in a home office, decorate the wall located opposite the entrance.

One of the best options for creating an accent wall is to use peel-and-stick wallpaper. As the name suggests, all you’ll need to do is peel the covering and paste the wallpaper on your workspace wall, no separate tools or adhesive is required! Additionally, when it comes to design, you can choose from a plethora of templates or create a custom wallpaper for your walls.

 Buy an Ergonomic Chair

Remote working has been notoriously linked to long workdays, resulting in individuals spending most of the time sitting in chairs. In the absence of an office chair, the best alternative is to use the dining chair that has poor ergonomics, which, as reported by Karo can lead to various health issues such as:

●      Neck, back, and shoulder pain

●      Poor blood circulation

●      Weight gain

While a good-quality ergonomic chair can cost you up to $300, it is worth every penny. Ergonomic chairs are made with long-term comfort in mind, minimizing distractions during work, resulting in higher productivity.

Install Good Lighting

The ideal choice should be to set up your workspace near a window that receives ample natural light through the course of a workday. As reported by HMC Architects, working in natural light reduces eye strain, promotes positive moods, and improves productivity.

But, if natural light in your home is limited, consider investing in ambient lighting that provides similar benefits. Prominent options include floor lamps, LED downlights/light strips, ceiling track lights, and chandeliers. Ambient lighting will provide ample illumination for your workspace without causing glare, making it the perfect option for working and holding in-person/virtual meetings.

Add Houseplants

As reported by The Balance, bringing nature into your workspace will create a positive work environment, and increase productivity. Additionally, they cleanse the air of common indoor pollutants and promote better health.

Most houseplants are low maintenance and will be a valuable addition to your workspace for at least 2-5 years. Here are some prominent options to consider:

●      African Violet

●      English Ivy

●      Aloe vera

●      Oxalis

●      Lucky Bamboo

By implementing the above-mentioned tips for your home office upgrade, you’ll create a space that provides a balance between comfort and functionality. While these updates will be light on your wallet, they’ll provide big returns for years to come.

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