Tips for Launching an
Eco-Friendly Business

Our vast and varied natural resources are vital to the physical, mental, and economic well-being of everyone who lives in this country. Ensuring our natural resources are protected and properly managed is a collaborative effort. This is why we need more ecopreneurs! People who are business-minded and passionate about the planet have a lot to offer conservation efforts, both locally and globally.


Thinking about launching an eco-friendly business? Here are some resources from Boston RE Guru to help you get established!


The Legal Steps of Starting a Business


Starting a business isn’t all fun and games. You will need to tackle several boring but critically important legal steps before opening up shop!


  • Decide on a business structure such as a sole proprietorship or LLC. This podcast has some great insight on how to make that decision.
  • Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. This can be done online easily.
  • Get all your required business permits and licenses.
  • Check your local government website for information about licenses, permits, planning, zoning, and more.
  • You can also give yourself an edge by pursuing an online business degree that will teach you vital skills in your field.


Implement Multiple Sustainable Business Practices


Don’t limit your sustainability initiatives to eco-friendly packaging or carbon offset programs. Look for ways to incorporate sustainable practices across all areas of your business.



Inspire Your Customers


Incentivize your customers to support your eco-friendly initiatives. If you do this strategically, it can double as a form of advertising!



Starting a green business is an excellent way to blend your passion for the planet with an interest in entrepreneurship. Everyone has what it takes to launch an eco-friendly business. From learning how to navigate business legalities to encouraging eco-friendly participation from customers, knowledge and planning will get you far!


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