Tips for Business Owners Living in Multiple States

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Nowadays, business owners have the ability to work anywhere, thanks to cloud computing technology and video conferencing software. Some are even choosing to live in multiple states throughout the year in order to enjoy life to its fullest while running their company. So here are a few tips for entrepreneurs handling multi-state living arrangements:

Keep Your Business in Order

If you’re running a business but living in different cities for part of the year, a best practice is to designate a registered agent who will be available to receive mail on your behalf during business hours. You can ask a trusted business partner, a friend, or a family member residing in the city your company is operating in to take on the role, or you can hire a registered agent service to handle the matter. If you’re planning to grow your business and incorporate it in multiple states, a nationwide company is your best bet. They’ll receive important legal service documents and other critical notices from the government on behalf of your business and they’ll ensure you’re always compliant when it comes to taxes and other state requirements.    

Keep Your Family Safe

Before moving into a new house, call professionals to conduct a thorough inspection. They should check for lead paint, carbon dioxide levels, any leaks of gas, oil, or water, inspect the roof and the foundation, and make sure the HVAC is in working condition to keep everyone safe and comfortable. Install a home security system if you’re planning to travel for business and spend some of the year away. Invest in outdoor lighting and motion-activated cameras to deter burglars from approaching. Reinforce and secure your doors and windows, and before you leave for an extended period of time, go around the property to check that everything is locked up and that anything valuable out of view. Let your neighbors know that you will be absent for a while, and have the post office hold your mail or have it forwarded.       

Keep Your Belongings Secure

If you need to stash away some of your bigger toys like dirt bikes, jet skis, or boats as you leave your summer home to go to your winter home, you can find a number of storage options online. Simply enter the city or area code where you’re looking to rent a storage unit, look for the square footage you need, and compare prices and amenities. But before you even invest in expensive equipment for yourself, your family, or your business, make it a point to read in-depth product reviews from unbiased sources. The review should give you an honest assessment of the product with its pros and cons, so you can make a better-informed decision as a consumer.  

Keep Costs Down

The cost of living can greatly vary from state to state and even from city to city, so if you need to register your car, purchase homeowners’ or health insurance, or rent a storage unit to store valuable equipment, check prices and pick the location that is the most affordable when it comes to paying for the goods and services you need. Here are five things you can comparison-shop for:

–        Booking a self-storage unit in San Antonio, TX: $115.00 a month

–        Getting a manicure in Dover, DE: $25.00

–        Hiring a babysitter in New Orleans, LA: $14.08 an hour

–        Paying for monthly public transport in Boston, MA: $90.00

–        Buying office space in Omaha, NE: $23.78 per square foot 

When you’re handling multi-states living arrangements, keep safety and security top of mind for your family and for your business. Appoint a registered agent to represent you in your absence. Keep your house safe with solid home security and monitoring systems, and do your research before making any big purchasing decisions!

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