Top 10 Tips for People Moving to the United States

Moving to a new country can be intimidating. With new opportunities comes the requirement to adjust to an entirely new culture and new rules. It’s normal to feel a little uneasy about the prospect of being a fish out of water.

If you are planning your relocation to the United States, we’ve provided some advice to help you prepare and settle into your new chapter. Consider these 10 tips from Monica of RecoveryWorks:


Making Essential Preparations

As you get ready for your move, making these preparations will help your transition go more smoothly.

●      Make sure you have housing (permanent or temporary) arranged before arriving in the states.

●      Thoroughly plan your move and remember to pack only what you need for a comfortable life.

●      Organize any essential documents you need for your relocation and translate them into English.

●      Start learning English (or refreshing your skills) a few weeks before moving.


Settling Into Your New Country

Once you arrive, you will want to take care of these tasks swiftly:

●      Apply for a social security card as soon as you arrive, and get a driver’s license in your state within 30 days.

●      Speak with a health insurance professional about your options. Health insurance is quite complex in the states!

●      Get out to meet people in your new community. You might be surprised by how many opportunities you have to make connections with people from various cultures and backgrounds!


Financial Tips

Figuring out your finances will be critical to maintaining your quality of life in the states. 

●      It may not make sense to use a bank to transfer money back home. You can use a secure online service like Remitly instead.

●      Factor tip into your restaurant bills. They’re not “required,” but the servers depend on them for making a living.

●      Unless you plan on using only cash for your entire time in the states, start building your credit score immediately. You will need good credit to secure a decent loan for anything.

Don’t let your nerves ruin this exciting new chapter in your life. By preparing beforehand and handling the essential tasks once you arrive in the states, you can make your transition a smooth experience. In no time, you’ll be ready to roll in the land of opportunity!

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