Turn Your Backyard Into An Outdoor Living Space

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Your front yard gives your home curb appeal, but what about your backyard? It’s usually hidden from neighbors’ views by fencing, but it can still be an eyesore from your back-facing windows.

Keeping the grass mowed is a step, but you can do a lot with your backyard, like turning it into a relaxing space for family and friends to gather. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to extend your living space into the backyard.

Look At What You Have

Before you start thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen or buying patio furniture, take inventory of what you have.

Do you have some landscaping in place or an existing patio? If so, you are off to a good start. You also want to look at backyard access. Do you have a door? What about the fencing? Is there a gate? You may not want everyone going through your home to get to the backyard.

Start with a Seating Area

Backyard decks or patios are almost a must-have in any outdoor living space. It gives you a stable place to set up your outdoor furniture and a few extras if your budget allows.

When it comes to patio furniture, the sky’s the limit in options. You do want to pay attention to the furniture’s construction. You want the chairs and tables to last for several years. Some material is also easier to maintain than others, and it’s something to consider.

Don’t forget to add plenty of cushions. You can find pillows rated for outdoor use in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Don’t be afraid to mix them up. It can give the area a fun and inviting appearance.

Think About Entertainment

It’s always nice to sit outside sipping cold drinks, but you can make your outdoor space an entertaining place to hang out.

Adding an outdoor kitchen will keep guests sitting around the table. You don’t have to go all out on a brick pizza oven. Consider adding a small grill or invest in a smoker or BBQ pit.

Hosting outdoor movies is another option. You don’t even need to drag out your old slide projector. You can find affordable projectors, and some will even use a blank wall as a screen. It’s one less item you need to invest in.

Add Landscaping

It’s amazing what a few plants can do for an area. They add color, texture and make the space look more inviting.

You don’t have to be a master gardener to spruce up the area. You can find several plants that are hardy and require little maintenance.

If you’re not sure what grows best in your area, a local garden center can help. Look for native plants. They grow best in your climate and usually require the least care.

Every plant doesn’t have to flower. Adding greenery gives the garden texture and provides a good backdrop when the other plants aren’t blooming. 

Trees.com suggests planting olive trees in your yard. Several varieties of cold-hardy olive trees can even tolerate the lower temperatures in zone 7 (Massachusetts), such as Arbequina Olive Trees. It’s best to find the warm microclimates on your property if you plan on planting one.

If there’s room on the deck or patio, adding a few potted plants is a great way to add some color.

Make the Most Out of Your Backyard

Adding some landscaping, furniture, and a few other extras will turn your backyard into an outdoor living room. It’s also easier than you think, and it doesn’t have to blow your budget.

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