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Chris joins Think and Grow Rich Mastermind hosted by the International Mastermind Association: This episode is on “FAITH: Visualization and Belief in the Attainment of Desire, The Second  Step to Riches”
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Chris joins Ruby Bonilla at the Financial Freedom Summit: “Christine McCarron gives a real estate agent’s perspective on what to expect when purchasing your first home.”
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Chris joins Michelle Perry on The Successful Diligence Podcast:
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Chris weighs in on the current COVID-19 market on Real Estate by and
“In COVID-19-era, home buyers here have changed their minds. Now they want this …”
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Chris joins Ann McNeill with Better Investing on Blog Talk Radio:
She shares; “#MyInvestingStory”
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Chris joins Nick Aalerud on his podcast “Shut Up & Do It”:
Ep 37: “From Foreclosure & short Sales to Author & House Hacker”
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Chris joins the Northeastern University Real Estate Club as a panelist:
“FIRE: Financial Independence/ Retire Early”
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Chris joins the International Mastermind Association on Blog Talk Radio:
Chapter 8: “PERSISTENCE: The Sustained Effort Necessary to Induce Faith, The Eighth Step to Riches!”
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