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How did Digital Entrepreneur Christine McCarron invest in herself to be able to run Beehive? Well, that's what your Podcast Mogul Phil Better is here to do. Join Phil as he asks about Christine an International speaker and coach and how Brand awareness is currently something they are dealing with in their business! We also discuss why Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip & Dan Heath is a book they recommend for Entrepreneurs to Read. Make sure to listen until the end for a special treat! Remember to Invest In Yourself Team Invest In Yourself

Chris is a podcaster, coach, speaker, mentor, and author. She is the Queen Bee of Beehive Working Community in Tyngsborough Massachusetts, a home improvement contractor, and real estate guru. Plus, she is not afraid of getting in there and getting her hands dirty. When Chris turned 50, it was a very dark time, and one visit to her 100 year old aunt completely shifted her mindset. Now she gets to help women in their second half of life find passion and success. Chris finds the good in people, is an amazing contributor in the community, and betters the pond by just being herself.

THINK Business LIVE: Jon Dwoskin Talks with Christine McCarron. Christine McCarron went from less than $0 to a 7-figure net worth starting at age 50 thanks to real estate investing. Through her coaching, courses, podcasts and books, she loves sharing what she’s learned to help other women exceed their expectations and create a legacy.

Welcome to the Goals Do Come True podcast. In this week's episode, I'm joined by Christine McCarron. Christine is an entrepreneur, realtor, and Queen Bee of the Beehive Coworking Community. During this wide-ranging conversation, she gives us a peek into her career journey, what being a real-estate broker involves, and some exciting goal-setting insights.

In this episode, Brittany Anderson welcomes special guest Christine McCarron, who shares her journey from having less than zero to a seven-figure net worth through real estate investing. Christine discusses the importance of surrounding oneself with the right people, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, and aligning one’s choices with their purpose. They also explore the power of giving back and creating experiences through financial resources.

In this electrifying episode of the Thrive Mindset Podcast, we sit down with the incredible Christine McCarron, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for turning dreams into reality. Brace yourselves for an inspiring conversation filled with practical advice, raw anecdotes, and the kind of wisdom that can only be gained from years of daring to chase after your dreams.

Christine is featured on the Think Big! Podcasts with hosts Dan & Mateen (filling in for Qasim)

In this engaging conversation, Christine McCarron shares her unique journey of creating a thriving ecosystem for remote companies and workers at Beehive Coworking. As a real estate agent, investor, and author, Christine brings a wealth of insights into the power of community, entrepreneurship, and the future of work.

Christine is featured on the I am Driven Podcast

and shares She shares her unique experience of moving through her entrepreneurship journey as well as some of her experiences in real estate and passive income.

Christine joins Coach Trent Clark on the Winners Find a Way Show.

Chris and Coach Trent delve into the perils of excuses, the fuel that propels confidence, the pivotal role of self-leadership, and the profound strength in embracing uniqueness—even when it's challenging.

Patti Diener, from the Beautiful Second Act Podcast and Christine McCarron discuss:
Financial Independence Through Real Estate Investing

Christine joins Liz and Andresa on the Real Estate InvestHER show to talk about how you can start your career as a real estate investor with a house hacking business model.

Chris joins Think and Grow Rich Mastermind hosted by the International Mastermind Association: This episode is on Organized Panning Part 1

Chris joins Think and Grow Rich Mastermind hosted by the International Mastermind Association: This episode is on Organized Panning Part 2

Chris joins Vince Warnock on the podcast Chasing the Insights.

Chris joins Think and Grow Rich Mastermind hosted by the International Mastermind Association: This episode is on “FAITH: Visualization and Belief in the Attainment of Desire, The Second Step to Riches”

Chris joins Michelle Perry on The Successful Diligence Podcast

Chris weighs in on the current COVID-19 market on Real Estate by and

“In COVID-19-era, home buyers here have changed their minds. Now they want this …”

Chris joins Ann McNeill with Better Investing on Blog Talk Radio:

She shares; “#MyInvestingStory”

Chris joins the Northeastern University Real Estate Club as a panelist:

“FIRE: Financial Independence/ Retire Early”

Chris joins the International Mastermind Association on Blog Talk Radio:

Chapter 8: “PERSISTENCE: The Sustained Effort Necessary to Induce Faith, The Eighth Step to Riches!”

Real Estate Investing is difficult to navigate.

But, we’ve got just what you need to create your roadmap to financial freedom! Find out where to get started and check out all the resources we have to offer!

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