February 5, 2023

E178 Debbie Emick

What happens in that black box that we call SEO? How can you be more findable online? Do you feel like your business is floating around lost in the world-wide web? In this week’s episode of Get Your FILL podcast, SEO Optimizer’s CEO, Brandon Leibowitz, shares secrets of SEO to help your potential customers to find you more easily.
Get Your FILL
Get Your FILL
E178 Debbie Emick

Show Notes

Debbie Emick

About Debbie:


Climbing 14,000+ ft. peaks seems scary. It can be. Sometimes it means stepping onward and upward in spite of that fear. More often, it’s exhilarating and exciting and even breathtaking–figuratively, yes, but often hard work that leaves you breathless.


Something far scarier for us (Chris and Debbie) was taking chances with our lives–putting conventions and expectations aside and stepping toward our curiosity about living a less conventional life. We had built a life that was safe and secure, with steady paychecks, pensions, 401(k)s, two amazing daughters, two dogs–you know, the whole white-picket-fence type of life. This lifestyle allowed us to visit the mountains or the beach on weekends or our one-week(ish), work-granted vacation every year.


Still, our hearts and souls called for something more. We began to question the necessity of it all. And even more, the plausibility of putting off our dreams–the things we genuinely aspired to do, the places we yearned to see, and all the beauty we desired to create–until traditional retirement. The thought of putting that off left us feeling hollow and incomplete.


The absolute scariest thing that we have done–and continue to do–is to step toward our inquisitiveness and continue to define and build our dream life–our bucket-list life–TODAY, not someday.


The very scaffolding of constructing our dream life is the desire to help others. To do this, we built GoBucketYourself.


This is our platform to help Y -O-U design the life of your dreams. We’re inspired to help individuals, couples, and families overcome fear, adjust their mindset, handle their finances, and plan adventures in a way that allows you to quit putting your dreams on a waiting list and live your bucket-list life today.

*Intro and outro music are from an original piece by
Carl Zukroff of The Blue Hotel

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