April 2, 2023

E186 Lynette Zang

Zombies on Wall Street? Currencies devaluing? Global currency crisis? Is this stuff real? What can we do about it? How can we protect ourselves from the forces that be? On this week’s Get Your FILL Podcast, Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst for ITM Trading, talks about why we should all be including gold and silver in our investment portfolios. Lynette’s mission is empowering and educating concerned citizens with the confidence to move through any economy strategically, hedging against inflation and winning the wealth transfer agenda of The Great Reset. Questions about protecting your wealth with Gold & Silver? Schedule a Free Strategy Call with Lynette’s team: https://calendly.com/itmtrading/podcast?utm_source=resourcetalks or Call 866-264-7788
Get Your FILL
Get Your FILL
E186 Lynette Zang

Show Notes

E186 Lynette Zag

About Lynette Zag:

Lynette Zang is the Chief Market Analyst of ITM Trading, a precious metals dealer focused on helping individuals strategically hedge against inflation and economic crisis. After her experiences in banking and the stock markets, Lynette deep dived into historic global currencies and their life cycles. This led to the uncovering of central bank corruption and the ongoing exposing of Federal Reserve Data, and her prediction of the

Great Recession following the housing market crash in 2007.


This multi-decade research effort resulted in understanding global economic policies and currency lifecycles far beyond the norm of financial advisors and many economists. After her subsequent work in long-term trend identification and asset class analysis, the plan became abundantly clear. Lynette started quickly creating a system to assist ITM clients in surviving and thriving the inevitable collapse of the USD, which will ripple across the entire global economy. Although Lynette was one of the first to speak about the “Reset” on YouTube.


This has now become the known agenda for the World Economic Forum’s “The Great Reset”, and is now discussed at great length by the entire economic education ecosystem online.


Before her career in banking, the stock markets, and her current position at ITM Trading, Lynette Zang attended Fairleigh Dickenson and University of Arizona, majoring in Business Finance. She has been involved with and researching financial markets and global economies ever since.


With a passion for simplifying complex financial topics into understandable language, Lynette has been a keynote speaker on currencies at several educational events and forums throughout the country. She is the host of ITM Trading’s YouTube Channel, where she creates multiple weekly videos for over 175,000 subscribers to help expose the hidden truths which underlie complex financial and economic systems, so people can take decisive action and protect their future. Lynette believes strongly in the value of community and relationships for building a thriving financial future in the face of the global challenges we are facing.

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