April 13, 2023

E188 Brad Warren

You know that vacant lot that just turned into a huge housing development? Remember when that mall was just a bunch of weeds and a rusted car? What if you could see the future and invest in those assets before the value exploded? In today’s Get Your FILL – Financial Independence & Long Life podcast, Brad Warren explains how his company is looking into the future and identifying those opportunities in time for you to jump on them. It’s a quiet path to wealth but it can be a very lucrative one – and totally passive!
Get Your FILL
Get Your FILL
E188 Brad Warren

Show Notes

Brad Warren

From Brad Warren:

Brad Warren is a national and international speaker, author, seminar leader, and business coach.  He has traveled to 19 foreign countries and 27 of the United States over the last 25 years, teaching a wide range of business courses, including time management, customer service, communication skills, how to design and deliver powerful presentations, how to run better meetings, lead generation, and negotiation skills.  He’s also coached over 500+ business owners and sole proprietors on goal setting and accomplishment, business planning and implementation, and how to be more effective and productive (which means more sales and more revenue!).


 He is the 2014 recipient of the Bay East Association of Realtors Affiliate of the Year award, and the author of Just Sold! The Real Estate Professionals Guide to Selling More in Less Time.  He’s spoken at the National Association of Realtors 2016 and 2017 Annual Conventions on Time Block Your Way to Success with Less Stress!  He’s also certified to teach The ONE Thing, the all-day workshop based on the national best-seller of the same name by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. 


After 40+ years as a business coach, speaker, and trainer, Brad transitioned to a new career as a land banking consultant, helping patient investors build generational wealth by investing in land. 

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