May 28, 2023

E194 Brian Gryn

Are you a man over 40 years old? Is your belly as flat as you want it to be? Are you as fit and toned as you once were? Do you think that getting in shape has to be a part-time job? Want to feel great, look amazing and do it all without counting a single calorie? Meet Brian Gryn!
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E194 Brian Gryn

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Brian Gryn

About Brian:


Most men think that losing weight and inches after 40 has to be restrictive – counting calories, adding points or cutting out food groups entirely. When in fact, just a few small changes to the type of food they’re eating and the timing of when they’re eating it would make the biggest and fastest impact.


I have taken my 15+ years of experience in the health and wellness field along with my personal health journey to create a customized 6 month one on one coaching program designed to get results. We will focus on optimizing sleep, stress, nutrition, meal timing and building lean muscle. The Fat Burner Blueprint is designed for 40+ year old males looking to lose body fat around their waist, gain muscle without compromising joint integrity, and increase energy levels throughout the day.

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*Intro and outro music are from an original piece by
Carl Zukroff of The Blue Hotel

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