September 3, 2023

E208 – John Ross

John K Ross IV does it all! He is a lawyer and accountant all in one. Listen to him talk about combining it all through legal issues, tax issues, insurance issues, retirement plans, and financial plans.
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E208 - John Ross

Show Notes

About John

John K Ross, a native of South Texas, has a remarkable journey that highlights his dedication and accomplishments. After graduating from San Marcos High School, he proudly served as an infantry squad leader with the First Battalion Seventh Marines during his four-year tenure as a United States Marine. Building on his military experience, John pursued higher education at Texas State University, where he successfully obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Accounting. Fueling his passion for law, he then attended Texas Tech Law School, graduating with honors once again. Throughout his career, John has excelled in the fields of Law and Financial Advising, and he currently holds a prominent position as a partner in a prestigious boutique elder law firm in the South-Western region of the United States. Beyond his professional achievements, John engages audiences through his captivating podcast titled “Big Picture.”

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