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E08 - Water

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You have stumbled onto another episode of Get Your FILL, the podcast where we explore the path to financial independence and long life. Listen to the intro episode for a full explanation of the format & the backstory but basically we’re working our way throughout a week of content with a theme for each day. #GetYourFILLPodcast
MIM: We have a special guest to help us move it today. Elif i̇rtemçelik-Kozak, my good friend and a talented singer, guitar player, dancer, and yoga instructor is going to teach me how to do the Mountain Pose. Go to the website, if you’d like to see the video for this. #Elifyoga #YogaMountainPose
TAGRT: In the intro to Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, after he’s told us about Edwin C Barnes, who was so persistent in pursuit of his goals that he put all of his effort and focus into achieving his burning desire, becoming the business partner of Thomas Edison, he tells the story of someone who didn’t follow the 13 success principles and stopped 3 feet from gold. #Threefeetfromgold #RUDarby #NapoleonHill #ThinkandGrowRich
You can imagine what happened, this guy went west to dig for gold, bought a mine, bought all kinds of equipment and machinery, dug and dug and then gave up. The next guy comes along, buys the mine and all the machinery for pennies on the dollar, consults some experts and discovers that the first guy was off in his digging by three feet. We’ve all done this, right? We’ve all thought we knew what we were doing, didn’t ask for help and then quit when we didn’t succeed.
Guy #1 is just described as the uncle of R. U. Darby so we’ll call him Uncle Darby. Uncle Darby was looking for easy money. He thought he was going to go dig a hole and millions of dollars were going to spring from the ground. They did spring from the ground but not for Uncle Darby so the moral of the story may seem obvious: ask for help, consult the experts. That’s definitely part of it but I think the bigger lesson is – like in Acres of Diamonds – that the gold that you’re searching for is in your own back yard. As Uncle Darby is setting off for the west, Napoleon Hill says, “He had never heard that more gold has been mined from the minds of men than was ever taken from the earth.”
That which you seek is already within your possession. Uncle Darby ends up becoming an insurance salesman. He sells millions of dollars of insurance because he never takes no for an answer. He believed that hearing the word no meant that the negotiations had begun. He was determined to never again stop three feet from gold. If you’re looking for a path to financial independence, look within yourself at your talents, the things that bring you joy and discover your own path to success.
WAIW: – So – status update. How are you doing? Have you set some goals for yourself? I can tell you that I’m feeling really great right now. I feel my goals speeding toward me like a steam train. I imagine that I can actually feel the air displacement from the train. It’s an awesome feeling! I hope that your goals are also speeding toward you or are at least beginning to come into focus. I hope so, I hope you’re finding great success!
TYT: – This is my favorite part of the broadcast where we stop and take a breath and think of someone who has brought some positive energy to our lives. For me today, it’s Ann McNeill. You’re going to meet Ann in a future podcast, she’s an amazing person, a force of nature. She has probably done more to change my life in the past couple of years than anyone. She has got me involved in stock investing, masterminding and influenced my speaking and writing. The thing about Ann is that she doesn’t understand the concept of excuses. You can say, oh I couldn’t do this because of such and such and she just looks at you with this sideways kind of look that she has that basically says, cut the bullshit and get on with it. So I do – and not just me, she is influencing hundreds if not thousands of people in the same way. I’m putting a link to her Saturday morning Think & Grow Rich Mastermind podcast on the website, #InternationalMastermindAssociation #AnnMcNeill #Gratitude
FF: When I’m hosting a group of friends at the house, I like to use the barbeque, It seems more social to have a couple of people manning – or personing – the grill. It gets people outside and circulating and seems more active and fun than a more traditional way of feeding the masses. But what happens when you have vegetarians in the group – or if you don’t know the eating habits of some guests? Best to be prepared with some wonderful grilled fruits and veggies. All of your guests – vegetarian, vegan or carnivore – will love these. #FoodieFriday #GrilledVegetables #Vegetarianrecipes #Veganrecipes
The hardest thing about grilling vegetables and fruits is selecting and preparing them. Personally, I like root veggies: carrots, beets, and onions for the outdoor grill and you must try grilled pineapple. Although I love grilled asparagus and broccoli, for example, I find them a bit challenging on the grill because they have a tendency to fall through the grates.
The secret to success is in the prep. If possible, you want things to be ready at about the same time so when you’re slicing your beets, for example, you want them to be at about the same thickness as the carrots. The onions should be sliced and kept thick so they’re like slabs, same with the pineapple, peppers, if you like those, etc.
If you want to grill other types of veggies like zucchini, cherry tomatoes, etc. put them on a skewer. That should keep them from falling into the flames.
No matter what I’m putting on the grill, I pretty much prepare it the same way. Rub the food with olive oil, then sprinkle with salt and pepper. The grill should be set to medium heat, maybe 400, Leave the veggies on until they become tender and have a bit of color – maybe 7-10 minutes per side. Be sure to put oil on both sides. Don’t be afraid to turn down the grill if they seem to be cooking too fast. You don’t want them to burn. Enjoy!
SMS: Next to having enough good, quality sleep, what’s the best thing you can do for your health? You know this already, right? It’s water, drinking enough water is so important. There’s no point in my quoting lots of statistics to you that you most likely already know, like that our bodies are 60% water and all of the scary horrible things that can happen when you’re dehydrated like kidney stones and stuff. #WaterandHealth #WaterandFitness
That’s not interesting. What’s interesting – from my perspective – is what happens long before you’re dehydrated – like grouchiness and wrinkly skin, fatigue and inability to focus. Dizziness, digestion problems, joint pain, weight gain. Gee, these sound like a lot of the symptoms of menopause. And with menopause comes hot flashes and night sweats, two ways of losing fluids. What do you think are the chances that the two are related? That the reason that we’re getting a lot of these so-called menopausal symptoms is simply due to not replacing the fluids we’re losing by sweating all the damn time? Hey, just saying, it’s worth drinking a few extra glasses of water a day to see if it could help.
So how much? Big surprise, no one knows. The generally agreed amount is eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day or a half-gallon over the course of a day. Really, you should judge it yourself by how you feel and by your urine color. You want light and watery, not dark and smelly.
Try drinking a tall glass of cold water about a half-hour before you eat a meal. One study showed that people who did that lost 44% more weight over 12 weeks than those who didn’t. Then about an hour after the meal, drink another one. I’ve been told that it’s best not to drink water with a meal as it dilutes your stomach acids and can keep your body from efficiently digesting your food. Give that a try and let me know how you make out.
Summary: Thanks so much for joining me on this journey through the week. Next week we have Ann McNeill, the Master Builder. She’s an amazing person, one of my mentors. She speaks about Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich principles, she owns a construction company, she is the founder of the International Mastermind Association, just an incredibly accomplished and inspiring person. You’ll love her so tune in next week and in the meantime – drink up!