April 17, 2022

E136 Jack Wang

Learn how to fund your child’s education with a minimum of student loan debt Are you wondering how you can afford to send your kids to college without strapping them with student loan debt? Want to learn the secrets of the wealthy to und your child’s education in a better way? On this week’s Get Your FILL, Financial Independence & Long Life podcast, College Planning Strategist, Jack Wang, shares some of the creative and crafty – but totally legal – ways that he helps parents prepare to fund their child’s education.
Get Your FILL
Get Your FILL
E136 Jack Wang

Show Notes

Jack Wang

From Jack:

If you want to be able to send your student to college and STILL be on track for that dream retirement, then visit www.smartcollegebuyer.com to join my newsletter list for tips, strategies, and notifications for events.


- Helping families with middle to high school students answer the 2 biggest financial questions related to college:
1. How to lower the cost of college?
2. How to pay for college and still be able to live life day to day and ultimately retire?


- Predominately parents of middle to high school aged children through those close to retirement
- Self-employed / business owners
- HR/Benefits professionals providing employee financial wellness programs


- College Financial Aid Planning
- How to lower cost of college? How to maximize aid? How to pay the bill without going broke?
- Managing student debt - How to pay off student debt? What are the best strategies? And which should be the priority - save or pay down debt?

*Intro and outro music are from an original piece by
Carl Zukroff of The Blue Hotel

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