April 24, 2022

E137 Marcia Miller

Do you have patience and love to spare? Would you like more money to fast-track your retirement and financial goals? On this week’s Get Your FILL – Financial Independence & Long Life Podcast, CEO Caregiver, Marcia Miller, shares her journey to financial success and a rewarding life. Marcia is not a nurse or a CNA but she rents space in her home to adults who require full-time care. This has allowed her to drastically increase her monthly income and to fast-track herself to retirement.
Get Your FILL
Get Your FILL
E137 Marcia Miller

Show Notes

Marcia Miller

About Marcia:

Marcia Miller is one of those people, driving results—through collaboration, partnerships, and relationships as the Executive Director and Founder of The Residential Home Care Network, a community of elder care providers serving seniors in a residential setting. With a passionate and sincere approach, Marcia’s commitment to excellence in service delivery, benefits not only the residents served but her peers as well.

As a dedicated professional and subject matter expert in the area of Elder Care, Marcia owns and operates Serenity Adult Family Care Home, a 5 bed facility in Orlando and is the creator of Step One Training Solutions signature course. SPILL THE BEANS. This soft skills Training offers Step 1 for those interested in opening their own Residential Assisted/Assistive living facility.

Marcia holds a Masters in Nonprofit Management and leadership from Capella University(Summa cum Laude)and a BS in Marketing from MaryMount College.

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