November 20, 2022

E167 Michael Allison

Do your palms sweat whenever you think about your finances? Do you dread conversations with financial advisors because you hate people talking over your head or condescending? On this week’s Get Your FILL – Financial Independence & Long Life podcast, Certified Financial Analyst and Planner, Michael Allison, shares his recipe for a rewarding and successful financial future.
Get Your FILL
Get Your FILL
E167 Michael Allison

Show Notes

Michael Allison

From Mike: Hi there! I’m Michael Allison, CFA, CFP® (“Mike”) and I’m the Founder and CEO of New Lantern Advisors.

We are an independent fiduciary, fee-only, longevity based financial planning and investment management firm. We are based in Saratoga Springs, NY, but work virtually with clients from all over the country.

At the end of 2021, I “retired” after 33 years in the investment management industry, the last nearly 22 of them at Eaton Vance in Boston, where I served as a global equity portfolio manager and Director of Equity Strategy Implementation. With my partners and teammates, we built a multi-billion dollar, market share leading global equity option income franchise.

It is with this experience that I serve clients with an eye toward delivering solution-oriented financial planning and investment results.

In 2022, I founded New Lantern Advisors so that I could more directly serve a select group of clients, as well as help fellow advisors serve their own clients.

I guide our clients to a brighter retirement by helping them figure out “What is Your What’s Next?”

A few nuggets about me:

  • I’m a native Texan and my family back home has never forgiven me for leaving because:
  • I lived in the Boston, MA area for most of my corporate career, and with my wife, raised two (now adult) children, but:
  • We recently moved to Upstate NY to be closer to our oldest child.
  • I’m no longer a “suit”.
  • My Superpower: The ability to effectively communicate complex investment concepts and make them understandable and accessible to non-professionals.
  • My Kryptonite: Green olives.
  • My Favorite Band: Rush (I’ve been a drummer since I was a teenager)
  • My Favorite Book: The Fourth Turning (Strauss and Howe)


*Intro and outro music are from an original piece by
Carl Zukroff of The Blue Hotel

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