December 11, 2022

E170 Joe Rockey

What’s the point of having the best product or service in the world if no one knows about it? Can you really succeed without understanding how to sell? Can you get more comfortable with the idea of selling? In this week’s Get Your FILL – Financial Independence & Long Life podcast, real estate investor and selling superstar, Joseph Rockey, Jr, shares his secret sauce of selling.
Get Your FILL
Get Your FILL
E170 Joe Rockey

Show Notes

Joe Rockey

Joseph Rockey Jr has created a series of real estate businesses beginning in 2011. In this specific industry 97% of his competition fails in the first year. Over a decade later he is still going strong with no end in sight. In addition to the economic success, Joe created the podcast: Father and Joe in 2017. The podcast tries to reunite people with their relationship with God. Joe believes this reunification is essential for our society and individuals to find harmony and peace.

From Joe:

I went to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and double majored in accounting and finance. The majors were chosen because they give intrinsic skills that are needed by all businesses – everyone needs to know where their money is and how to get more of it. Finance covered a part of how a company gets more money; however the best way is through sales. Knowing that sales are the key to every business I worked a variety commission only sales position throughout my time at Duquesne.

Following graduation I worked for three years as a personal financial advisor. In the first year, I was the office’s “rookie of the year”, in the second year I was the “underclassman of the year”, and the third year I left to create my first real estate business in 2011.

Since then, my businesses have created revenue from properties in a vast array of methods. Some of the more common ways we create revenue are by preforming land lording services, selling investment grade properties to other investors, and renovation for sale of properties.

Outside of my professional world I am a married man with a newly born son. In 2017, along with Father Boniface Hicks, we created the podcast Father and Joe. The goal of our podcast is to bring individuals closer to God. I also am an avid axe thrower – in 2019 I finished 192nd in the International Axe Throwing Federation Championship in Toronto.

*Intro and outro music are from an original piece by
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