July 24, 2023

E202 Eric Estevez

He does it all from being an Entrepreneur, Mortgage Lender, Real Estate Investor, Day Trader, and Author. Learn how to do it all with Eric Esteve.
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E202 Eric Estevez

Show Notes

Eric Estevez

About Eric:

Eric Estevez graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in International Finance and Marketing and was a 14-year leadership veteran for two Fortune 50 companies (Target and Walmart). While there, he started exploring entrepreneurial opportunities. He wrote a children’s book, flipped mobile apps, and then started investing in real estate, which led him to leave his corporate job and start a mortgage lending branch with his father. Within 4 years he built a team that produced $100 Million in revenue and reached the top 1% income earner in the US. He is now building other businesses while working from home, one of them being a VA Outsourcing company and another, a music management company to help his daughter who is a music recording artist.


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