July 31, 2023

E203 Jerry Fetta

Struggling to build your company from the ground up? Listen to Jerry Fetta’s story where he built back his company through a rough period in his career.
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E203 Jerry Fetta

Show Notes

Jerry Fetta

Connect with Jerry:

WealthDynamX.com     SacredAccount.com       JerryFetta.com


Jerry Fetta helps make finances simple, true, and applicable. As the Founder and CEO of Wealth DynamX, a Financial Firm that helps thousands of clients across the U.S. build wealth, Jerry has a passion for providing financial education for families so they can become solvent and achieve greater financial freedom in life.

Jerry is married to his wife and business partner, Lexy, and together they have achieved Financial Independence in their own lives before the age of 30 and want to help as many families as they can to do the same!

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