Get Your FILL
Get Your FILL
E38 AirBnB

Good Host Checklist:

  • Underpromise & overdeliver
  • Check local laws and rules before listing your property
  • Communicate: quick response to questions, lots of labels and info in the home
  • Set expectations
  • Make a great guest book – both online & in the home
  • Be flexible – don’t be a stickler for the rules when it doesn’t really matter
  • Take great pictures
  • Do something special & unexpected
  • Price slightly below market to be booked more often
  • Take advantage of smart pricing
  • Shoot for SuperHost status
  • Know your market
  • Be honest about flaws
  • Make things easy
  • Put yourself in your guests shoes
  • Let your personality shine
  • Stay in the home sometimes & definitely before your first guest arrives to help you set things up in the most comfortable and pleasing way
  • Enjoy it!

*Intro and outro music are from an original piece by

Carl Zukroff of The Blue Hotel

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