August 1, 2021

E99 Stock Investing Highlights

Wondering what you have to change in your life to retire in style? These four successful entrepreneurs share the philosophies that got them where they are today.
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E99 Stock Investing Highlights

Show Notes

Get Ready to Be Rich

E59 Ann McNeill

#AnnMcNeill is the Master Builder, helping people design and build their ideal life. As part 2 of the #MillionaireMindset series, she shares her story, how she got herself onto the path of wealth and abundance and how we can too!

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E60 Misty Lynch

#MistyLynch is a Certified Financial Planner who provides financial planning and investment management services for women looking to elevate their wealth and create a stable future for themselves and their families. In Part 3 of the #MillionaireMindset series, Misty shares her tips on acquiring and keeping wealth.

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E74 Sarah Catherine Gutierrez

Sarah Catherine Gutierrez, author, financial planner and national speaker, talks about her new book, But First, Save 10, with listeners of Get Your FILL – Financial Independence & Long Life – podcast. She explains how men and women view money differently and how paying herself first has changed her life and how it can transform yours.

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