E105 Bill Foss

Meet coach, Bill Foss. Bill has developed an excellent system of helping you to uncover your passion and to craft a life that aligns with who you really are. If your current career doesn’t light you up, Bill can help!

E103 Jeff Smith Pt 3

In Parts 1 & 2, Jeff Smith shared his KPI Formula and how implementation is the key to success. Today, is the next piece of the Millionaire Puzzle. Enter to win a free coaching session with Jeff. The session will be recorded and broadcast on a future podcast episode!

E102 Jeff Smith Pt 2

In Part 1, Jeff Smith shared his KPI Formula. Today, Jeff gets into more detail about the principles of success and how to modify your goals for best result. Learn from the man who has taught royalty, Jeff Smith. Enter to win a free coaching session with Jeff to be broadcast on the podcast!

E101 Jeff Smith Pt 1

You’ve set your goals, done your affirmations, but the money is not arriving. In this week’s Get Your FILL – Financial Independence & Long Life Podcast, Jeff Smith tells us why and what to do about it. Jeff has written seven best-selling books, has coached royalty, and has uncovered the 11 secrets that millionaires know and most of us do not. This episode is a must-listen! It will change your life!

E100 Millionaire Mindset

In a world where finding out how to make more money is as easy as asking Siri how to get rich, why is it that so many of us are not yet there? Our guests have one answer for you: Mindset. Get a mental tune-up on this week’s episode with Sheila Bella and Kate Beeders. This is a highlight reel from past episodes.

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