E118 Evie Brooks

Do you want to invest in real estate but are discouraged by the crazy US market? Evie Brooks to the rescue. Evie shares her experience with real estate investing in Panama and how it can be a way to financial independence for you!

E117 Sandra Priestley

Have you ever wondered about Feng Shui, what it is and how it works? It’s more than just decluttering your space and painting your front door a crazy color! Decorating your home or office using Feng Shui principles can make it more enjoyable, more relaxing and more productive for you. On this week’s Get Your FILL, Financial Independence & Long Life Podcast, Sandra Priestley explains some basic concepts of Feng Shui and some easy-to-implement tips that you can do today to get your chi flowing and abundance pouring in.

E116 Myles Wakeham

Do you feel constrained by societal conventions? Have you ever wanted to make your own rules and break out of the mold? That’s exactly what Myles Wakeham has done. Hear his tips for retiring yourself and getting on with the enjoyment of life.

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