E131 Margaret Agard

You’ve heard it many times: Let go and let God, but how? How can you distinguish the “still small voice” from all of the other noise in your head? How can you tap into your inner being, your higher self, to achieve more health, happiness and harmony? In this week’s Get Your FILL, Financial Independence & Long Life podcast, Margaret Agard, an award-winning author, former executive in the high tech industry, self-described Christian mystic and Reiki Level II Healer, helps us to tune in to the voice of infinite intelligence.

E130 Sarah St John

Have you ever thought of starting a podcast but didn’t know where to begin? Do you have a book in your but the thought of finding a publisher is making you crazy? On tis episode of Get Your FILL, Financial Independence & Long Life podcast, Sarah St. John, the Frugal Preneur, shares her research into the best and cheapest ways to get yourself and your message out to the world without draining your bank account.

E129 Joey Mure

Are you tired of trading your time for money, your success limited by the number of waking hours in a day? This is exactly the problem that Joey Mure helps us tackle in this episode of Get Your FILL, Financial Independence & Long Life Podcast.

E128 Ryan Chaw

Think that you need $150k and 25 years to rock it as a real estate investor? Think again! In just five years, Ryan Chaw has created a passive income stream of over $17k by thinking outside of the proverbial box. Pharmacist by day and savvy real estate investor by night, Ryan has a strategy to help elevate you to the life of your dreams.

E127 Leah Ellis

How young is too young to start teaching kids about how money works? In this week’s Get Your FILL, FInancial Independence & Long Life podcast, Leah Ellis shares that her 6-year old is already saving for a car! Give your kids an enormous advantage by using Leah’s tips.

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